Welcome to metaPhOrs

MetaPhOrs is a public repository of phylogeny-based orthology and paralogy predictions that were computed using resources available in seven popular homology prediction services (PhylomeDB, EnsemblCompara, EggNOG, OrthoMCL, COG, Fungal Orthogroups, and TreeFam). Currently above 306 millions of unique homologous protein pairs are deposited in MetaPhOrs database. These predictions were retrieved from 705 123 phylogenetic trees for 829 genomes. For each prediction, MetaPhOrs provides a Consistency Score and Evidence Level describing its goodness, together with number of trees and links to their source databases.

We are keen on extending MetaPhOrs to additional phylogenetic datasets. If you have a specific suggestion of a phylogenetic dataset that is extensive and has a sufficient quality, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will consider its implementation.

All the data available in metaPhOrs, can be accessed through our public ftp server