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New metaPhOrs release is out

New metaPhOrs release (201601) with over 6 billion orthologs and paralogs from 2,714 is out.
Give it a try!

metaPhOrs update: uploading the data in progress

New metaPhOrs DB exceeded 500 GB (11G entries) after uploading homologs for 2,100 out ~2,700 species...

Major metaPhOrs update out soon!

Works on major metaPhOrs update are nearly finished. Stay tuned!

Species with the largest number of homologs

Four species with the largest number of homologs in metaPhOrs are plants (!) followed by human: 

E-value in similarity search

E-value statistics are now reported in similarity search website.

Gene names supported

MetaPhOrs now supports gene names ie TP63 or HOXD10. In addition, autocompletion of gene names is enabled! 

Give it a try!

GO functions word clouds

Now, aside orthologs for your favourite proteins (ie TP63 | Q9H3D4) you can visualise their functions, as well as, functions of their orthologs by pressing `Get orthologs function cloud`

  • GO functions TP63_HUMAN 

GO functions of TP63_HUMAN

New release

We are happy to announce new metaPhOrs release! Previous release can be accessed here


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